February 3, 2006

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Movie Reviews

I’m back writing brief movie reviews. Two in fact today. I know they aren’t new movies, but I think they both.. uh..sucked.

First was Wedding Crashers. I heard it was a comedy. Well, I dont think it was that funny. About halfway through the movie I “realized” that it wasnt a comedy per say, it was a romantic comedy. Even looking at it from the romantic comedy point of view — I don’t think there was enough humor. I do think the movie was amusing, the antics and mix of Wilson and Vaughn do make for some intresting sceens. Though, one does have to note that there are a number of naked or near naked women in the movie — good or bad is up to you. Maybe its just my sense of humor wasn’t in the mood for stupid gags that evening — oh well.

Second was Out of Time. To be fair, it might be a good movie — but I could stand it. I turned it off about…20 minutes into the movie (or so). Basic plot is that Denzel Washington’s character is screwing someone else’s wife — who is dieing of cancer. He steals money from a recent drug bust to pay for her treatement but she and her husband are killed in a fire. Then he has to deal with his soon to be ex-wife who happens to be a homicide detective in the area. All the clues point to him as the killer (but what about the money?!1?!21/112?). As soon as this basic premis was revealed, I turned it off. It was basically a movie about him lieing to his (soon to be) ex-wife/homocide detective about everything and anything. Whipty shit.

I need to stop watching movies and go back to anime.