March 1, 2006

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Happy March

I dont know why, but March always seems to be a happy month. So, happy march to everyone.

Moving on to something slightly less fluffy and stupid, I’ve been reading my webalizer logs for last month. Top 5 search terms to find their way to snowulf was gun related. Also, 12 of the top 20 were gun related. Its an intresting transition, since most of the search terms that would find their way to my site were tech related (initially mostly Asterisk, way back at the begining of this blog — because thats what I wrote the most about). Going back to December, shows only 2 of the top 20 being gun related.

Sadly I don’t have THAT much to write about guns, because I don’t have the money for guns — and there are no close ranges. Ranges being the most problematic, because if I really wanted to I could probably bug my boss into letting me borrow a gun or two. Though the shot show is comming soon, and I do intend to get something 9mm — probably the P99c — even if its not at the show.