September 20, 2007

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How To Get OpenVPN to Work Under Vista

Getting OpenVPN to run under Windows Vista is actually relatively easy. There are just a few tricks to keep in mind.

  1. Get the latest version of OpenVPN. 2.0.9 works for me, 2.0.7 did not
  • If you still have UAC enabled (It is those “Accept/Deny” dialog boxes), you must right click on the installer and “Run As Administrator”. (How to disable UAC)
  • During the install, you must remember to “Continue Anyways” when prompted about unsigned drivers.
  • Add the line “route-method exe” to your OpenVPN config file. OpenVPN is supposed to auto detect which method to use, but it doesn’t work properly on any Vista machine I’ve setup. Other than those 4 items, OpenVPN installs and runs just about the same on Vista as it does on any other OS. Keep in mind of course that the first time you connect with OpenVPN, you will get that annoying pop-up asking what kind of network you are connected to (The “network discoverability” thing)