January 23, 2009

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How to cancel a subscription in PayPal

I was helping out a friend this evening who had a subscription to a website/service via PayPal. She wanted to cancel this subscription, which you would think would be fairly easy. Not so. The website she was on simply said “Go to PayPal to cancel”, and PayPal’s website does not make it easy to find. In fact we used their search functionality and still could not find the instructions anywhere. So for those that need to know, here’s how:


  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  • Click “History” (it’s in the grey bar at the top right under My Account).
  • From the “Show” dropdown, select “Subscriptions”.
  • From the “Within” dropdown, select “The Past Year” (You may need to set a custom date range if you subscribed longer than 1 year ago).
  • Click “Search”.
  • Find the entry that says “Subscription Creation” and click “Details”.
  • Scroll to the bottom and you should have a “Cancel Subscription” button, click it.
  • Click the “Cancel Subscription” button that shows up on the next page to confirm. Done!

This is one of those pieces of information that should be on every PayPal subscription website (which it might actually be) AND should most definitely be on PayPal’s. Actually, PayPal should make it easier. A lot easier. I know it is “free money” for them (since they get a percentage of every transaction), but even still, angry customers have a tendency to not use your service again.