How to cancel a subscription in PayPal

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  1. bergin says:

    Thanks for the valuable information! Since ebay, who owns Paypal, is now FORCING the majority of it’s users to ONLY use Paypal, ebay inc. is now charging it’s users approx 20%! That outrageously high cost is passed on to the buyers. Since other sites offer FREE listings, buyers are getting MUCH BETTER deals away from the unfair, unsafe and costly ebay/Paypal sites.

    Paypal users need to READ their amended Paypal User Agreements because Paypal, at it’s “Sole Discretion”, can now withhold users funds for up to 180 days AND Paypal keeps the interest the money accrues during their holds! Their is NO arbitration process…Paypal IS the JUDGE, JURY and EXECUTIONER of users funds.

    Ex-ebay CEO, Whitman and current CEO, Donahoe’s “Disruptive Innovation” scheme is responsible for massive, detrimental changes at both Paypal & ebay.

    To learn more, search the internet for “Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe” at petitiononline.

    To read what ebay/Paypal employees are saying about the extremely bad management at headquarters, search “ebay” at glassdoor.

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