August 14, 2009

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Out of the groove

For me, there are some things that are really easy to hop in and out of the “groove” of doing them. Most of those activities are computer related. Writing, however, isn’t one of them. I’ve always had the damnedest time getting into the mood of writing and keeping it up. The posting history of the blog is a testament to that. When I’m going, I can write every day, but when I’m out… months go by. Luckily for all my hapless readers, you’ve also got John to write/harass me ceaselessly when I need to be writing something.

About 6 weeks ago John and I started writing a schedule of the posts we were going to do. That schedule, mainly, was so that we’d have our vacation all filled up with automatically posted blog entries. For some reason seeing all the titles really put me into the mood of writing and I started clipping along writing. At some points we were nearly 3 weeks ahead of schedule with posts; it was awesome. Sometimes we’d even write more and then delay some posts that were originally going to run next, and push them out farther. One really interesting effect I noticed during this time was the fact that I actually wanted to write more. In my mental wandering I’d run across topics that were “good to write” and then think about how I’d write them down. For me, this is extremely unusual (and slightly disconcerting at first). Of course, we eventually had enough posts and I was soon to go on vacation. So I stopped writing.

Now I’m out of the groove. I managed to write one post on vacation, but since then I’ve not really been able to drag myself back into writing any reasonable amount. I’ve also been conveniently (and repeatedly) forgetting that I needed to write something, much to John’s chagrin. When I have finally sat down to write this entry here, it was not with much lead time. I am pulling what we call a ‘senior ethics’, in other words writing the entry the hour before it is supposed to be posted and giving John all of 15 minutes to copy edit it. It is called ‘pulling a senior ethics’ because this is exactly what I did to John, every week of that class, back in college. Of course with his amazing powers of grammar nazi’ing, you’d never know that he only had 15 minutes — other than the fact that this entry will be perfectly readable unlike my usual drivel.

So, with any luck, this posting (and John’s foot) will help kick me back into the groove of writing. Otherwise you’re stuck with more superhero video game reviews — and no one wants that. ^_^

Also, as has been mentioned previously, we’re always open to new ideas for the blog. So if there is something you would like more information on (such as upcoming software, video games, and/or movies) or want us to review (such as well… anything), let us now!