March 22, 2010

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Getting Ahead, Staying Ahead and Looking Ahead

One of the hardest things about switching the blog to 5 days a week has been to get ahead. Previously when we were on the 3 day a week plan, we had points in which we had posts prepped for nearly a month in advance. For the last few weeks we’ve had almost no advance prep of posts. Most mornings I’d wake up and write the post right then and there. I really hate doing this as the post quality suffers.

Back in college, John started doing copy editing of my work. Just like now, I’d be writing up a paper for class the morning of. In many cases I’d give him 15 minutes or less to copy correct something, generally when he had a half dozen more important things to get done. It really ticked him off when I did that to him and to be fair, it still does. John hates poor quality posts more than I do, so he harasses me ceaselessly to write in advance.

In the last few days I’ve finally managed to get ahead, and I’m going to try to keep ahead of the deadline. Hopefully, this will improve not only post quality but post content also. When I’m not grasping at straws for a writing topic, I tend to write better quality. Shocking idea, I know.

Looking ahead I’m going to be trying to expand a little bit in the format of the blog. More specifically, I’ve been plotting doing some video how-tos and reviews that will be integrated here. I’ll record the video, upload it to youtube and embed it here on the blog along with any necessary explanatory text. I’m not sure how it will work out, but it is worth the experiment. Fear not though, this is not how normal entries will be. I have no intention of putting myself in front of the camera and I find the personal video diaries on youtube TERRIBLY boring.