March 26, 2010

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Ride Friday: Alhambra Valley Rd

General Area: Back side of Pleasant Hill, Pacheco and into El Sobrante

Difficulty: Easy

Ride Length: ~20mn one way

Special Note: None.

Route Points: Point A to Point B — This is actually Reliez Valley Rd. It is a bit windy but has a number of stop signs. It really isn’t anything special, just a means to an end. Point B to C — This is the fun bit. It is only about 10 miles, but it is a nice windy back country.

After the Mt Hamilton ride (and that evil thing known as winter) I figured it would be nice to do some shorter exploratory rides. I found Alhambra Valley Rd and it really is quite a nice little bit. It has its twisty bits, but for the most part is just meandering back country. The speed limit is oddly low, 35 mph for most of it, but I saw at least one crotch rocket doing probably twice that. This is a super easy ride, even for newbies. The biggest concern is the quality of the road, not the worst roads I’ve ridden on, but it is poorly maintained back country road.

If you happen to be in the area and want an enjoyable little detour, check it out. Otherwise it really isn’t a “destination ride”. Though next week I may see about looping all the way around Briones and seeing if I can make something of it.