March 30, 2010

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Bad Company 2: Easy ‘Demolish Part 2' Achievement

I’ve been playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 quite a bit. In fact, I’m getting close to 100%ing the achievements. Normally, I’m not an achievement whore like some of my game playing compatriots, but BC2 makes it fairly easy (and enjoyable). This past evening I was working on finishing ‘Communication Issues’ and ‘Complete Blackout’ (destroy the M-Com/Satellite boxes) and I found a really good guide to the locations. During that I figured I’d try and finished ‘Demolish Part 2’ which is the achievement for destroying 50 houses, I found a really easy way.

  • Load up the mission ‘Crack the Sky’ (I did it on easy).
  • Beat it up to cut scene where Sweetwater has sent the satellite crashing to earth.
  • On your way out to the next area (a village) pick up the C4 on the left hand side. Save it.
  • Right as you enter the Village there is a Supply drop
  • Shoot/Kill/Maim people as usual, but don’t go too far.
  • As you’ve cleared small areas, use your C4 on the buildings. Generally 3 properly placed C4 charges will take down a small house.
  • I made sure to always keep 1 C4 charge, so I could reload it from the Supply drop.
  • On your run back to the supply drop, hit the detonator

I don’t think the village has 50 buildings, but you can get a significant number (assuming you’ve been destroying buildings as you’ve played). I believe the destruction count is separate from the game play, so you could keep resetting the mission too. For me, I found C4 (with a close reload) was much faster than any other method of destruction (even Tanks) and quite fun too.