June 18, 2010

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Recent Changes Camp is Next Week!

For those who may or may not have heard, Recent Changes Camp 2010 in Montreal is coming up really soon, specifically June 25-27. It starts just 7 days from today!  It saddens me to say that I can’t go, but it should be super exciting.  I went to RCC2008 in Palo Alto and it was a TON of fun (my wrap up from 08) and I met some really great people.  Some of whom I even still keep in touch with.  If you’re not sure what this fancy “Recent Changes Camp” is, let me give you the 5 cent tour (Also known as copy and pasting from Wikipedia):

RecentChangesCamp is an Open Space Technology format unconference focused on wikis. The conference is named after the “Recent changes” feature that is found in most wikis. RecentChangesCamp follows an unconference model of being free to participants and an Open Space model in having a program that is determined onsite by participants.

In short, if you are a person who is heavy into Wikis (and I don’t mean just Wikipedia, any wiki at all, even

MeatballWiki) you should be attending.  You’ll be meeting up with a bunch of like minded people, all of whom WANT to talk about wikis.  Where else can you blather on about how wonderful wikis are and not bore people to tears?  Some well known names of the wiki world are showing up:

Just to name a few, if you’re looking for more substantial list, just check the Attendee’s page.  If that has you interested, you could also check out the Invitation or some of the pictures I took from RCC2008.  I know this post is sort of late to the game (why I didn’t think to do this sooner, I don’t know)… but if you’re remotely in the area of Montreal, or can get there next weekend — you totally should.  If nothing else, please stop by the RCC10 homepage at RoCoCo2010.org.

And now a quick thanks to the RCC sponsors: