IT is not Customer Service

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4 Responses

  1. wil says:

    I didn’t have time to read all of this because I can’t get my spreadsheet to open. JOOOONNNNN!!!!!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Can I do a sub-post titled, “Hey Facebook, an automated e-mail response is not support.” Like I wouldn’t have read the online documentation before I used your god awful ticket submission system. By the way, their ticket submission forms have an error which means it doesn’t work. How do I submit that?

  3. Brion Vibber says:

    I try to be nice to the customer service reps — they’re not the evil bad guy who messed up your service, they’re just some person working 9 to 5 (or 6am to 3pm, or 6pm to 3am…) to make ends meet who’s got a script and a database access form.

    Treat your CSR nicely and things always go smoother. :)

    • Jon says:

      Exactly. I didn’t think I ever treated CSR’s “bad” but after spending some time listening my friend who worked as a CSR, tell stories of customers… I treat them extra nice.

      Now if I call and I’m ticked off, I’ll tell them in advance something like “Look, I’m upset with how Company X has done Y but I realize that isn’t your fault. I’m just trying to get Z”

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