June 7, 2012

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Is your internet going to break this weekend?

Somewhere between 350,000 to 400,000 internet users are currently infected with some very nasty malware known as “DNSChanger”. It got this very clever title because it… wait for it… changes your DNS. Hijacking someone’s DNS would allow bad guys to do click-fraud, login hijacking, man-in-the middle attacks, or any number of bad things. Fortunately the FBI shut down the bad guys a while back and put up temporary (safe) DNS servers in place of the bad ones. Unfortunately the FBI is turning off those temporary servers this weekend. If you’re not sure if you are infected, you should click through to the DNSChanger Diagnostic page and double check. It’s one page and it will tell you if your DNS is good or bad; it is even a quick check: it won’t take but 15 seconds.