April 3, 2015

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Photoshop CC infected with a virus called “Node.exe”

What is this ‘Node.exe’ thing? Sounds scary!
Or so the innocent user thinks. Sue me for enjoying the occasional sensationalist headline, but it’s a legitimate comment about randomly including software and NOT explaining yourself. Fortunately for me, I know what it is, but a lot of users don’t. Adobe has, to the best I can tell, started to include

NodeJS in Photoshop and possibly other apps from their suite. It’s a legitimate copy signed by Joyent, so the likelihood of being a virus is close to nil, however there are a lot of users with this same node.exe issue/question/warning (PDF Copy). It frustrates me to see that Adobe hasn’t responded to the question, which was first asked in 2013, nor is there any other publicly (Google-able) accessible information about this issue direct from Adobe.

I denied it, just because I could. We’ll see if anything breaks.