December 5, 2005

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3d Acceleration is good!

A friend of mine sugested trying out Cedega (based on wine) so I did — looked like a cool app and for only 5$ a month its worth it. Only problem is that I didn’t have 3D acceleration (or opengl for that matter) working yet. I skimmed around for a bit and found a most excelent tutorial on how to install the ATI Drivers. I’ll admit that it looks a bit intimidating — but its really easy. I have a custom kernel (as previously mention) which is but I followed thoes instructions and they worked perfectly. First time I ran X after I made all the changes — it worked perfectly the first time. After that I booted gdm and used cedega’s setup to test 3D accel — green lights across the board.

I even got guild wars working under cedega (with the except that there is a glitch due to the new patch — or so I think).

Now time to try out other games!