January 6, 2006

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Second Life meet the CIA, CIA this is Second Life

Well I ran across a wonder article about a secret hidden prison in Second Life. Of course the first thing I thought of personally was the recent CIA scandle of secret prisons. Too funny — just too funny. I personally think this is awesome, more games should do this kind of stuff.

Dont punish players for avatar actions — punish the avatars. PlanetSide did the same kind of thing, with punishments for TeamKilling. If you hurt or kill someone on your own side of the battle you get a few grief points, once you get to 1000 grief points — you were “cut off”. You couldnt shoot a gun (or anything of the sort) and you couldnt drive more than 10% normal. I know this very well because I had alot of fun teamkilling. In fact it was proven that I had more teamkills than I had kills of the other two enemy sides combined. If memory serves me the number of friendly kills was about double enemy kills. God that was fun.