January 22, 2006

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I got a few Audiobooks over the last week and I thought it would be nice if I could listen to them in the car. I don’t drive a ton, but a drive to the bay or to reno, it would be nice to have. Since I was the mall I stopped at the Apple store, that was stupid. I got myself a Griffin iTrip — HAHAHAHA what a joke. I tried it out in the car, and came to realize that if the antenna was welded to the iTrip — it would still have static. I’m not trying to be unfair here, but the iTrip is a complete piece of crap. If I held it in my hand (and hence made myself part antenna) it would do decently, and by that I mean the static would go away enough for me to hear my music (but was it still staticy for sure). If I put it down on my passenger seat, the static was so bad that I could bairly make out the music that was playing. So, to be fair I put it into the “mono” broadcast mode which is supposed to double the transmit strength (or something to that effect) — yea… still a piece of crap.

Do NOT buy the griffin itrip with dock connector. Its crap, and you’ll hate it. (And yes, I turned around and returned the unit).