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  1. Waiting says:

    Well since you ask, I do it whenever I read a post that I feel is:

    *Hideously written
    *Self serving
    *Devoid of interest
    *A general waste of my time

    I will give it a neg. When I see something thats cool or interesting, I give it positive points. I figure my vote has a negliable impact since you can simply hit +2 on every single post (I don’t vote ALL your posts -2). I’m sure you do that already :) I have no interest in when you party. But hey, if all your friends are reading they can vote you up easily. Unless they don’t give a damn because you haven’t written anything worthwhile or posted any pictures. I don’t care when you write 2 lines about things and tell me as much 2 words. I don’t care when you’ve had a generally shitty day but nothing to say about it.

    If you don’t like it when I express my opinion via Karma ignore it. Or turn the feature off. I only know about your blog because once upon a time, you had an interesting article on it which I came across via Google. If you don’t like strangers then require authorization and perhaps consider using a robots.txt to hide from crawlers, then request removal from Google’s index. I only continue to read your blog because you syndicate it and claim to have similar interests to me. If you don’t like people reading your blog every day then don’t syndicate it via 5 different feeds.

    I’ve already corrected your spelling/grammar before and you called me a Nazi. If you want constructive comments, don’t be such an ass ;) Otherwise I can’t be bothered to spend time telling you your spelling needs help. I’ll just click -2.

    Your blog is like a tabloid I find on a train seat. Most of the time I just feel disgusted looking at it. But I’ll pick it up when I’m bored and maybe one day there’ll be something worth clipping out.

    Happy writing.

    p.s. I don’t bother masking my ip/http headers because I don’t care. My ip changes, sometimes dramatically, on a regular basis and I am happy providing my browser info. I’m not making any effort to evade a ban you put on my subnet and I never will despite the tools being a single click away.

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