February 21, 2006

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Key Card

The hotel I’m staying at, like most, uses electronic key cards. Its the your run of the mill swipe card, nothing special. I kept it in one of my eVest’s breast pockets. It was in there along with my iPod and headphones. I’m not sure if it was the vest, my iPod, the sleeve of the ipod, or the headphones — but my key went dead. It was a slow death. The first night the key worked fine, the second it was a little bit difficult, and on the third night I was about to goto the office and get a new one when it finally worked (once).

I ended up having them re-program the card — but it is a little strange. Even a bit scary I’ll admit. What if that was my credit card? Would it also get de-magged? Or is it just because of the crapy card?