February 18, 2010

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I hate people; they make me sick

“Gasp!” you say to yourself, “He is so anti-social now that even the concept of people makes him ill”. Ok, well, maybe not exactly. I’m sick sick, as in I have a cold. It annoys me to no great end. The problem isn’t the sniffling or the coughing or anything like that, those symptoms might be problematic, but not truly annoying. What truly annoys me about having a cold, is how it turns my brain into fuzz and makes it very difficult to concentrate or have the energy to get things done. I have many personal projects going on right now, and I’d like to get them done, but having a cold makes it very difficult.

Hence, I hate people for getting me sick. This is one of the odd bonuses to telecommuting that you don’t hear about. You’re not in an office, so generally you are less likely to contract ailments since you don’t have nearly as much human contact. Especially if you’re someone like me who doesn’t have a family/wife/girlfriend/significant other to pester you. Even if you work in a place as great as our company, where the boss orders you home if you are in the least bit sick, people still tend to show up and get everyone sick. Hell, I remember once the resident German came into the office sick, even though we yelled at him to stay home… and you know what? He got EVERYONE in the office sick. So to remind him why this is a Bad Thing™ I bought him a Bubonic plague (Black Plague/Black death) plushie for Christmas. Something that now remains in his cube for all time.

So, I hate you all; you make me sick.

PS. This is why you’ve gotten to enjoy a filler “Happy Holiday” post along two posts in a row from John in one week. With any luck I’ll be able to suckerconvince him to write another entry for tomorrow.