June 24, 2010

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Battlefield 2: Bad Company – Onslaught Mode Now Available

Jon was going to write up a quick bit about this, but he is too busy trying to play it to do so. Expect an actual review of this new content at a later date.

Currently, you can only get it from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace right here for 800 MS Points ($10 at standard rates). The in game access to the store does not currently show it.

Expanding the Battlefield: Bad Company™2 online multiplayer experience, Onslaught Mode delivers the first online co-op Battlefield action to Xbox 360! Up to 4 players can team up and put their squad skills to the test across 4 enhanced multiplayer maps, fighting against enemy land, sea, and air forces such as the new Mark V SPECACT boat. Work together to secure and hold a series of capture points in the quickest time possible and compare your stats on the Onslaught Leaderboards against your friends and other players across the community. With 4 different levels of difficulty, including Hardcore, Onslaught is the ideal battle ground for Battlefield: Bad Company™2 players, whether new or seasoned veterans, to perfect their squad play skills!


Thanks to @MajorNelson for the head’s up.

Oh, if you are short on points, you can go to Amazon and get an online code for 1600 points immediately.

UPDATE: At this moment, Jon cannot find “Onslaught” in the Game Mode selections, either on Quick Match or Play with friends. It is possible that it requires having at least one other squad member and since it is 11am, Jon has no Xbox Friends online, so he cannot test this theory.  Twitter reveals that Jon is not alone in his problem “lack of Onslaught” problem.

UPDATE 2: Jon now has it working. The fix is as follows:

  1. Clear your system cache — My Xbox, System Tab, Memory, select your Hard Drive and press Y
  2. Reboot
  3. Start Bad Company 2 and it will provide a 2nd Xbox LIVE Update (for the day)
  4. After that, when you go to Multiplayer it’ll offer you “Multiplayer Update 2”, an additional update of 467 MB (you can also queue it up on the marketplace)
  5. After the update is downloaded, you will need to restart Bad Company 2 — the console will prompt you to do so.
  6. Once you have restarted you will see Onslaught in the Main Menu