August 14, 2015

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Urban garden looking healthy and producing

Dateline: 2015-07-13

The garden continues to look really good. As you can see everything is green and lush, exactly what you’d hope for out of a garden. We’ve started to see some of the cherry tomatoes popup, but nothing edible yet. For the most part, the garden hasn’t required much maintenance beyond watering everyday (or every other day, depending on the heat) and trimming back the tomatoes. As they are bush type plants, then like to grow outwards, if you let them.

The one thing we didn’t point out last time we talked tomatoes, was that there were more sizable looking fruit on the bush goliath. In just a weeks time, we had two more sizable tomatoes ready for the picking, and picked they were. We were surprised how well the garden has been turning out and how good it has been at producing fruit. When we started, this was the truest use of the word “experiment”, as we didn’t think tomatoes would survive well in the city or in as “small” of pots as we have, but the plants have proven us wrong time and time again. Along with the tomatoes, we’ve had a fairly healthy batch of basil, two mints, and lettuce.

As is proper in the world, we left no fruit to rot. Waste not, want not. Mostly tomato with salt and basil is delicious. I won’t be mentioning it much beyond this post because for the next month at least (having written this post a month after the dateline), we’ll have a fairly consistent stream of tomatoes to nom on. It’d be a bore if I shared every tomato ate (for that there’s instagram), however there are still stories to be shared and education to learn! Next time in our urban garden adventures: The end of the Tomato Plants.