March 10, 2005

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Lots of goodies today

Lots of intresting goodies in the news today:

Cell Phones with built in Harddrives — Now I can’t speak for everyone, but personally I think this is a bad idea. (Along with the fact that I personally would rather my phone just called people, rather cook dinner for me while I’m trying to call someone) Think about harddrives for a second, its bad if you drop them right? Well you think they are safe enough for you iPod? Big difference. You start your iPod playing and you put it in your pocket, at least thats how its supposed to work (or you have an arm strap or something). Now a cell phone you take out and hold to your head. Everyone has to fess up to dropping their cell phone at least once (some many more), heck this morning I droped one of my cell phones on a tile floor — Just fine — But it wouldnt have been if it had a hard drive.

Google News has made some improvmentsGoogle Blog reports the exact details. I tried it out just now, its rather nice. I like the ability to remove everything but Sci/Tech, and US news. Then I went and added my own custom sections (they are sections based on a news search, like “Michale Jackson” or “MMORPG”). This leads me to my last bit.

I found what is rumored to be an MMORPG for the Xbox. Epiphany Games (based down in Australia) has this survey. The actuall game is called Champions Of Atlantis. I doubt its going to be anything too terribly inovative interms of content, but if they do release this to the Xbox it could be very promising. Since this would be the first MMORPG to make it to the xbox (FFXI made it to the Playstation 2 already).