January 3, 2006

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Bates Motel

Well the new years weekend was a fun one for me. No, I didnt go out party (though I did hang out with Brian and Maggie — and Maggie is an awesome cook). Didnt drink. Nothin much. The fun was dealing with the servers. If you’ve been watching the news you’ve probably heard about all the flooding in california over the last few days. Well contrary to the news reports the WORST flooding has been in Nevada. Reno & Carson City were just nuked by rain — Carson even declared a state of emergency. Well up here in Tahoe we got a shit load of rain too — that rain took out the power repeatedly. Then it turned to snow and did it again. So, I spent a good portion of the weekend trying to shutdown/bring up the servers with the power outages. Eventually I gave up and let them stay down. Monday morning I was in the office at 0530 bringing up servers and generally dealing with broken stuff — though it was a holiday in the office so I didnt really need to.

As for the bates motel title — the power at my house went out between 1400 and 1800 Sunday. At 1800 it came on into a state that I can only describe as “Bates Motel”. The power was fluxuating widly, but no more than 50V were comming down the line (I’d guess). So it was like every light in the area was a giant fake candle. It was like a really bad horror movie — hence bates motel. Note: This if very bad for electronics. As for 0630 Monday it was still like this.