September 9, 2009

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Review: Dexter: Season 3

Recently finished watching Dexter: Season 3 on Blu-ray via Netflix.

This review will contain spoiler information, especially if you haven’t seen the first and/or second seasons.

After the ice truck killer of Season 1 followed by Dexter’s almost outing as the Bay Harbor Butcher in the second season, I was curious about what the big conflict would be for this season.

Basically, the conflict is all about Dexter making a friend with a side of The Skinner as the main villain the cops are chasing. In much the same way as Parker from Leverage wanted a friend to steal things with, Dexter wanted someone he could share judicious killing(s).

Dexter makes a friend in Miguel Prado after accidentally killing his brother, Oscar Prado (though of course he doesn’t find out about this until the end of the season). Dexter kills Freebo the drug dealer everyone thinks killed Oscar and Miguel walks in on it. They eventually form a better bond when Miguel covers for Dex killing someone else. Ramon Prado (the third brother) doesn’t like this, perhaps because unlike Miguel he doesn’t know that Dex killed his brother’s supposed killer.

Eventually, Dex realizes that Miguel is lying to him and now that he knows how to kill and get away with it, he is killing on his own and without a code (unlike Dex who follows Harry’s Code). Dex can’t let this go and eventually kills him and pins the murder on The Skinner, who is actually after Dex since Miguel set him onto him. Skinner catches up with Dex and takes him to a warehouse. Dex breaks free and then sirens start blaring as Dexter’s sister pulls up with the cavalry. Dex has to quickly get out of there so as not to be linked to The Skinner and get on with his life.

Overall, I really enjoyed this season and putting on three 3.5 hour discs makes it easy to get through on Netflix.

I’ll buy the Dexter series eventually, preferably in a Complete Series box set (like Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis). Till then, I recommend you watch the entire series (in order). Buying versus renting is up to you, like I said, I’m renting till the Complete Series appears.