December 23, 2011

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So long GoDaddy and thanks for all the SOPA

Yesterday, news came out that GoDaddy supports the “Stop Online Piracy Act” aka SOPA aka The-Stupidest-god-damn-way-to-destroy-the-internet-congress-has-ever-come-up-with. SOPA is bad; it’ll break the internet; it’ll destroy free speech; it’ll kill due process… and generally give the megacorps the authority to do whatever the hell they want to whomever the hell they want. So, SOPA is bad and likewise supporting SOPA is bad. GoDaddy is 100% behind SOPA so I’m 100% out of there.

Look, GoDaddy has done a number of things in the past that irritate a lot of people. Possibly the one thing everyone remembers was the banned Superbowl commercial. In my opinion — big freaking deal… sex sells. The next large event that

drove away a large number of customers was elephant hunting. I view this as a dumb ass CEO in his free time, not a company; I can ignore that.

Then… there’s supporting SOPA. I don’t talk about politics much on here but it should be plain for anyone to see that I don’t like SOPA, I think it is a bad thing, and it should be stopped at all costs. Most of the companies that support SOPA are media groups, fine. Anyone who does any amount of technology work knows how badly SOPA could destroy the internet (Vint Serf invented the damn thing and he spoke up too. Since I spend a lot of time in tech, I fully understand the implications.

So simply put, I will not put my money with a company that willingly supports SOPA, and many others obviously feel the same way.

I had already grown tired of GoDaddy’s constant email reminders of expiring domains (starting at about 6 months out), their phone calls, their constant upselling and their shitty website. A few months ago I started transferring my expiring domains to Last night, in light of this recent dipshittery on GoDaddy’s part, I began transferring all the rest of my domains.

I also have dozens of domain names that I own and transferring them all is not a cheap endeavor. Being that it’s the holiday season, I’m a little short on cash (there are discounts though). Even still, I strongly believe in voting with my pocketbook. While the Lolcat kingpin has threatened to leave GoDaddy, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and simply leaving. I also maintain domain registration for several companies I work/consult for — all of their domains will be transferred away from GoDaddy to alternative domain registers.

Supporting SOPA is unacceptable.